Through consultation with industry and educators across the province, three core expectations were identified for young people starting in the construction industry.



Committed, punctual, eager and able to learn, focused on work, able to solve problems, works well on a team and demonstrates initiative, and always chooses a safety-first approach to every job.


Familiar with basic tool skills, functional math, effective communication, physical labour, trouble-shooting, and more.


Understands the bigger picture, including what the company does, what kind of opportunities are available within the industry, and the various types of construction. Works safely and is familiar with the apprenticeship program and other important aspects of working in construction.

The FutureBuilder App was developed to be a virtual record of achievement, that enables students to compile their experiences in school, at work and at home in a single location to demonstrate their ability to meet the Industry ASK.


Real-world activities, such as playing on a sports team, obtaining a driver’s licence, or volunteering in the community, are tracked through the FutureBuilder app, enabling students to highlight the things they’re already doing in school and life that show they’re ready.

By tracking six categories of activities, the app makes it easier for a student to identify, understand, and communicate their current and future capacity.


The core knowledge and skills needed to make an informed decision about the construction sector.


A foundational understanding of the various aspects required to work safely and effectively.


Must-have attributes that include being a team player, initiative, follow through, and commitment.


Documentation of the short term safety, licenses and workplace training completed.


Documented experiences – volunteer or paid – to show progressive improvement in fundamental activities.


Projects at home, in school or at work that a student completes to demonstrate their capacity and progression.


Through the App students are challenged to identify the activities that lead them to be Construction Ready. They can share their progress through four levels with their parents and supports, educators, and with potential employers:

Students discover what’s out there, what they like, and what’s expected of them.

Gain experiences and explore how they show they possess the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge employers look for.

Get prepared to take on most entry level positions, experience trades for themselves, and make the choice to pursue what works for them.

Is about knowing what they want and making the commitment to start an apprenticeship.


Students who use the app can share their progress with educators, parents or others who can endorse their work. Think of it as signing off on a permission slip. As they move through the various stages, completing tasks and building endorsements, they can then begin sharing their profile with future employers as they ready themselves for the next big step. A career!

FutureBuilder by Construction Ready

FutureBuilder is a tool that was developed to be a virtual record of achievement, that will enable students to compile their experiences in school, at work and at home in a single location to demonstrate their ability to meet the Industry ASK.

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